The Jerusalem Biennale is a stage for profesional artists, creating today, who refer in their work, in one way or the other, to the Jewish World of Content. The Biennale will take place every two years in different locations around the city and will give an opportunity for different creative forces to manifest themselves within the framework of Contemporary Jewish Art.

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The Jerusalem Biennale is an official member of the BIENNIAL FOUNDATION





This is not a one time event! We are introducing a new institute in Jerusalem- one that will live in the city for the coming decades. Over 100 cities around the world have a tradition of holding a Biennale: Venice, Berlin, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo and Istanbul created started a tradition long time ago so art lovers will always have the next Biennale to anticipate to. Jerusalem starts its own tradition with the Jerusalem Biennale.

Jewish Art

The leading Israeli Art institutes tend to avoid Jewish current issues and Judaism of the present as part of an Unsuccessful attempt to be "part of the world". The Jerusalem Biennale is dedicated to exploring the local identities that exist in the Jewish World, maybe not always well represented or not well identified with their Jewish roots, in to expose the ways in which those different Jewish identities manifest themselves through art.


Contemporary Jewish Art can reflect what is happening today in the Jewish world and be part of shaping the Jewish world of the future. Contemporary Jewish Art can open up new avenues of discourse and become a powerful arena for re-invention. Not as Judaica, that can tell us a lot about our past, Contemporary Jewish Art can tell us much about our present. The creative class of our generation can and should take part in the discours about the Jewish world - what it is and what do we want it to be.


Jerusalem is a city of complexities. It has great variety of cultures, religions and nationalities. Being aware of those complexities and verities, we emphasis Jerusalem as the most vibrant and dynamic center of the Jewish People. Being aware of the conflict and of the necessity to share Jerusalem with other cultures, religions and nationalities, we insist of the right to celebrate Contemporary Jewish Art and Culture in Jerusalem, as we will insist of the right of other groups to celebrate their Art and Culture in the city. Through Contemporary Jewish Art we aim to convey our deep pray for peace, in the city and everywhere.


Achim Chasid Complex

Curator : Ram Ozeri
Cooperation : Kol Haot

Hechal Shlomo

Curator : Nurit Sirkis Bank 
Cooperation : Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art

Beit Avi-Chai

Curator : Neta and Michael Elkayam
Cooperation : Beit Avi-Chai


Curator : Ram Ozeri
Cooperation : Muslala

The First Station

Curator : Rei Dishon
Cooperation : Urban Gallery


Ram Ozeri

Ram grew up in Jerusalem. After earning his BA in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics and MA in Economics, he has decided to dedicate his time to his true love: Contemporary Jewish Art.

Eitam Tubul

Talented graphic designer of the Grotesca studio, Eitam is active in many social circles. He is an amateur radio host and holds an addiction to Arab music.

Shani Hajbi

Best website designer, an applications developer, an amateur carpenter and a regular customer at all the best café's at the center of Jerusalem..

Secret Artist

Secret Artists is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist and up&coming curator. In 2009 he graduated from H.I.T academy studying social and sustainable design and started his art career in 2007 at the end of a 4 months art residency at Foundation Pistoletto

Nurit Sirkis Bank

Nurit Sirkis Bank is the curator of the Wolfson Museum of Jewish art. She is working on her PHD in Jewish Studies at Bar - Ilan University, and addresses meeting points between the Israeli and Jewish identities.

Oryan Galster

Oryan Galster is a young Artist. She finished her studies at the department of inter-disciplinary art at Shenkar. Her work is varied and moves from drawing and instillation to photography and sound.

Ronen Izhaki

Choreographer, born in 1972 in Israel, studied under Ruth Ziv Ayal at the Academy of Music and Dance. He graduated with both first and second degrees in music.

Porat Salomon

Porat has just finished his Masters of fine arts in Bezalel. Porat lives in Bat Ayin in Samaria, and he is one of the founders of Pardes art school.

Amy Schwartz-

Amy came to live in Jerusalem 3 years ago. Since, Amy has produced over a 100 clips for non-profits organizations as United Hatzala and Save a child'sheart.


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